For the Love of Lentil (eBook)


Sarah has always been a firm believer that somewhere, even in the most difficult of situations, lurks something good waiting for the opportunity to be drawn from it. It was for this reason that, when she and husband Gary lost their first baby to miscarriage in late 2017, they quickly knew that something positive would somewhere come from their grief.
As they started to share the news of their loss with people they knew they began to see people being touched by their story. And it was this that led the couple on a path that would result in the publication of Sarah’s first book.



For the Love of Lentil is a heartfelt and candid account of the couple’s path of seeking to become parents. Based substantially on entries from Sarah’s personal journal, it offers a no-holds-barred insight into the trials and tribulations of every twist and turn that greeted them along the road to pregnancy and subsequent loss.
An estimated 20 per cent of pregnancies end in miscarriage yet it is a subject rarely talked about. Sarah and Gary have chosen to share the story of their miscarriage not because they view it as more significant than any other but because it is one example amid many thousands that are not shared – many thousands of tiny lives lost and worthy or remembrance and many thousands of parents affected by a whole raft of emotions and experiences, whether similar to those outlined in the book or different.
Sarah and Gary hope that, in some small way, their story can help bring some hope and comfort to others facing challenging circumstances.

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