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Measuring success…but not on the world’s terms

People often ask me how my book is doing and, if I’m honest, it’s a question I tend to answer with a vague, “Yeah, it’s doing okay.” The truth is, I don’t really know what to say because, in all honesty, I don’t really understand the question. And I don’t know whether the same question…

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Being effective firewood in the flames of life

Autumn is here, a time of crisp golden, orange, red and brown leaves, of wrapping up warm against the cold outside, and of snuggling up by the fire indoors. Fires give light and heat. They warm hands and they warm hearts. They give a reassuring glow to a room and they help keep things crisp…

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Are you growing restless with your life?

Sometimes in life we get restless. Sometimes we look around at all the opportunities there are in the world, all the places to go, careers to hold, houses to live in, then we look around at our lives and we start to want. Maybe we want more, maybe we just want something different, but we…

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