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When weakness heralds the greatest strength

What is weakness? In one sense, that’s a simple question. Weakness is a lack of strength. But if you think about a bit more, you can end up questioning the definition of strength upon which you have based your definition of weakness. And if you think about it even more you come to realise that…

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Finding the glimmer in the trial

This week I’ve been looking through past journals and I came across a passage I wrote more than two years ago, which feels like an age ago now, that made me sit up and think. The passage was about trials. We face trials of different kinds all the time, often from left field right at…

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Be still and know that He is God

Do you ever have those nights when you just can’t seem to get to sleep, or the ones that see you wake in the night and struggle to resettle? I used to really dislike those nights – the seemingly endless hours of lying awake when all I wanted to do was rest. But then my…

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