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Time: It passes all too quickly

By Sarah Moore | Feb 29, 2020

Time. Do you ever want it to just slow down? Sitting in bed between my sleeping husband on one side and our sleeping daughter in her crib the other, considering how much I love being able to share my nights them both, a realisation hit me. It was the realisation that we’re already five months…

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Identity: What does it really mean?

By Sarah Moore | Jan 7, 2020

The subject of identity has been a common topic for as long as I can remember, whether it be through sentiments such as “It’s how you see yourself that matters” or the growing discussion and debate about gender identity. But what is identity all about and does it really matter? There’s no doubt that each…

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Reflecting on change, two years on

By Sarah Moore | Nov 17, 2019

It’s been two years. Two whole years. Twenty four whole months have passed since the day we found out that we’d lost our precious first child. And so much has happened. So much has changed. When I reflected last year on the first anniversary of the hardest day we had ever faced, we didn’t know…

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The number 13 – not unlucky for me

By Sarah Moore | Nov 1, 2019

The number 13. Considered unlucky by some but not by me. Thirteen years ago today I got together with a lovely man I had met a few weeks before…on Friday 13th. Thirteen years on, we’re happily married and settling into life as parents to our beautiful little girl. (We got married in 2013 on the…

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The challenges of navigating pregnancy after loss

By Sarah Moore | Oct 1, 2019

October has arrived which means baby loss awareness is very much on the agenda so it seemed a good time to explore the minefield that is pregnancy after loss and perhaps dispel some myths around it – and to explore how faith and fear can operate in tandem during what can seem the longest and…

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I gave birth this week but I didn’t become a mum

By Sarah Moore | Sep 21, 2019

People say I became a mum this week. When I gave birth to my precious baby. When I held her in my arms. When I fed her, clothed her, changed her. When I put her down to sleep then kept an eye to make sure she was okay. People say that made me a mum.…

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A big bouncing bundle of news just in…

By Sarah Moore | Sep 20, 2019

Just a short post for today as there are other things – more specifically one thing – occupying our time. Baby Charlotte Rebecca made her arrival into the world on Wednesday, our beautiful, bouncing 6lb 11oz bundle of answered prayer. We still can’t quite believe she’s ours and there’s nothing like just watching her. Even…

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The taboo of mental illness: Why is it viewed so differently to other health conditions?

By Sarah Moore | Sep 15, 2019

In the last few days I’ve seen and heard various discussions through which I’ve been prompted to explore a topic that it can be tempting to avoid talking about – suicide. It’s a topic people are often reticent to discuss. It’s something that we don’t fully understand. Sometimes people fear that talking about suicide might…

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Waiting: Is it really the worst part?

By Sarah Moore | Sep 8, 2019

Waiting. Some say it’s the worst part, although that probably depends what you’re waiting for. We probably spend more time than we care to think about waiting. Waiting for the end of the working day. Waiting for the weekend. Counting down to holidays, to Christmas (oops, did I just use that word in September?), to…

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