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Hello readers, and sorry for the long break

By Sarah Moore | Aug 12, 2019

Hello dear readers, and apologies for the radio silence. We’ve been having some technical issues over here (don’t ask me what; I leave the complicated techie things to people who know more about them than me). There’s good news and bad news. The first is, you had a bit of an enforced break from my…

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Why shouldn’t people donate to rebuilding Notre Dame? It’s their money and their choice.

By Sarah Moore | Apr 22, 2019

In the last week there has been much discussion and debate about efforts to rebuild the fire-ravaged Notre Dame cathedral in Paris and, perhaps more notably, the fundraising efforts to support it. With more than £500 million raised inside 24 hours to help rebuild the gutted building as people across the world suffer illness, disease,…

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What is marriage?

By Sarah Moore | Apr 14, 2019

This week we’ve been celebrating our wedding anniversary and it got me thinking afresh about the unique, crazy yet wonderful institution that is marriage. We’ve all heard the old joke that marriage is like an institution – borstal. But, while we can joke, there’s no doubting that marriage is an important subject to consider. From…

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Holding my babies in my heart, even though neither is yet in my arms

By Sarah Moore | Mar 31, 2019

This Mother’s Day has been a time for reflecting and thinking about my two darling children – Rainbow, who I carry in my womb, and his or her older brother Lentil, who is held in the arms of God. It’s given me the opportunity to consider afresh the gift of each of our beautiful babies…

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Mother’s Day, a day for reflection and a day of challenge for many

By Sarah Moore | Mar 31, 2019

So today is Mother’s Day, a day when thousands of small children will excitedly hand over slightly-over-glued homemade cards along with breakfast in bed while grown men desperately scour supermarkets trying to remember what the flowers are called that their matriarchs like and what on earth the things even look like. It can also be…

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Whatever your circumstances, never forget that somebody loves you

By Sarah Moore | Mar 24, 2019

Sometimes songs come onto the radio with lyrics that make me cringe about the message they’re giving to those who hear them. For example, if I hear Big Girls Don’t Cry I have to switch stations for fear that might just get too angry about the potentially-damaging wrong impression it could be giving impressionable members…

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Welcome to the news we’ve been longing to bring you

By Sarah Moore | Mar 18, 2019

As we write this latest blog post we’re excited to share news we’ve been longing to bring you. Since we said goodbye to our little Lentil, we’ve been praying that we would in time be blessed with his little brother or sister. And that time has come. Baby Moore is expected in September. For weeks we’ve…

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Journeys bring the experience needed to live in the destination

By Sarah Moore | Mar 10, 2019

In the coming days I’ll be doing a fair bit of travelling and it got me thinking about journeys and destinations, and the different ways of looking at them. When it comes to the experience of travelling, there are different types of people. There are those who enjoy the journey, relishing every step along the…

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Give up chocolate for Lent? God doesn’t need me to be a quitter.

By Sarah Moore | Mar 5, 2019

It’s that time of year again; the time when we traditionally eat our body weight in pancakes on Shrove Tuesday then give up something we love until Easter. I thought about giving up something this year but then I remembered, I’m no quitter. But in all seriousness, why do we give up things for Lent?…

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