A puzzling post for a puzzling time

Life’s been a bit puzzling over the last year or so, so I decided to make it a bit more puzzling by creating online jigsaws. If you follow my Facebook page, you might have seen them popping up each day. Maybe you’ve done one or two, or all of them. But not everyone is on Facebook so, for those who aren’t (and as a handy home of multiple puzzles in one go for anyone who wants it) I thought I’d put together a blog post that lets you access a few of my puzzles.

I’ve started with my March 29 puzzle as that marked the start of the latest phase of puzzles, so that gives you just over a week’s worth of posted puzzles to try your hand at. I might add more as we go if I have time but I’m expecting things to become a bit more hectic in the coming weeks so I won’t make any promises.

All you need to do is click on a picture and it’ll take you to website where you can do the puzzle. I hope you enjoy them.

March 29

I thought Workington Railway Station was an appropriate subject for the first day of lockdown restrictions easing as we can now go places.

preview90pieceDown at the station

March 30

I managed to get a picture of this old pile of timber before it was removed from its storage area at the Port of Workington. It reminds me a bit of those puzzles you get that feature nothing but baked beans. Sorry, not sorry.

preview91pieceThe log pile

March 31

You’ve got to love a strategically-placed puddle for capturing reflections.

preview90pieceTurbine reflections

April 1

I spotted this heart-shaped stone on the beach and it made me smile. Happy April everyone.

preview90pieceThe heart of the beach

April 2

This is one of a couple of remembrance benches at Maryport Harbour.

preview90pieceMaryport memorial bench

April 3

This is a view from one of our recent walks on the shore.

preview90pieceCoastal turbines

April 4

I love how clear the sky is in this picture of St Michael’s Church.

preview90pieceSt Michael’s Church in the sun

April 5

Here’s another lovely blue sky for this image of the birds being fed at the harbour.

preview88pieceFeed the birds

April 6

It was a blustery day in Maryport when this was taken.

preview91pieceMaryport Harbour

April 7

I’m expecting a few trips up and down these steps in Curwen Park once Charlotte’s walking.

preview90pieceSteps in the park

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